Eternytime ANR & PNR Headsets

Innovative aviation communication headset designed for the excellent challenges pilots of all types of aircraft encounter, timekeeper and marshalls. We have the unique acoustic attenuation technologies, which unmatched combination of benefits is available in our well-designed headsets. 

The best headsets for timekeeper working indoor motocross races or ski timekeeping


Look at all these features and decide for yourself.

* Passive noise reduction of 22 dB
* Active extra noise reduction up to 24 dB on model: ET-002-8 and ET-007
* High Fidelity speakers
* Auxiliary audio jack on ET-002-8 and ET-007
* Flexible microphone boom
* New Dynamic noise cancelling microphone
* Super Comfortable headpad
* Super Comfortable Leather Ear Seals
* Volume control
*Headset Bag included (*ET-007 headset comes in another headset bag, see on our shop)

PNR* = Passive noise reduction | ANR* = Active noise reduction