Motorsport Transponder

The Chronelec Protime Elite transponder is recommended for fast vehicles (like EWC or WTCR). Whereas the Protime “LS” transponder is used for Off-Road (Motocross like MXGP or Karting with speed up to 200km/h). This transponder is delivered with a NiMH battery or with a direct connection to the vehicle’s battery. When the transponder is in the charger, the power down is automatic, which increase the autonomy. The rechargeable transponder has a 5 days autonomy when it is continuously used.


Technicals specifications:

  • 5 days autonomy
  • Charging time : 18 hours
  • Elite: Detection up to 360 km/h
  • LS: Detection up to 200 km/h
  • Identification of the driver (optional)