Race Monitor – Real Live timing

The most flexible and complete timing software on the marke from Chronelec ELITE V3 is compatible with Race Monitor.
Race Monitor gives racers and spectators alike, the ability to view live timing from thousands of races and tracks around the world over the internet


What kind of subscription will need a timekeeper using Race Monitor and Elite V3?

For an organization that wants to offer live timing (typically a track, a race series, or a time keeping service company), they just need to sign up for a Race Monitor Relaying account with Race Monitor. They offer it free to them, and just ask that they promote the app at their events however they feel is appropriate (flyers, announcements, otherwise). Race Monitor do offer paid versions of the relaying service that provide additional functionality that some races require (e.g., restrict what sites the web based timing can be displayed which can be important if sponsorships have been sold around it), but whether their free or paid does not impact the functionality within the app.

How can I use Race-Monitor?

If you run the Elite V3 timing software at your track, you can provide live timing to your racers and fans in two different ways, either directly over wifi, or over the internet with our Race Monitor Relaying service.

  • Relaying: If you have cellular internet coverage at your facility, the best way to offer Race Monitor is using Race-Monitor relaying service.
    The Race Monitor Relaying service allows you to make the live timing and scoring of your race available over the internet and on your website.
    The process is very simple and only requires that you install a small piece of software on a computer that can access both your RMonitor feed and the internet at the same time (can be installed on the timing computer). With relaying, your race will show up within the in-app directory of races and users can simply tap on your race to connect from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Direct connection: To offer Race Monitor directly, it is as simple as providing a wireless network for users to connect to, making RMonitor available on that network, and providing your fans with information on how to connect.

Will users might impact the performance of my timing system?

The relaying service will offload the users from your timing system to their servers.
The relaying software will behave as a single device connected to your timing system and your spectators will connect directly to their servers.

What is Race-Monitor Plus?

The Race Monitor Plus features are integrated seamlessly with the app but are easy to access:
Heads Up Display: From within live timing or results, simply tap on a racer to view their Heads Up Display
Racer Alerts: From the race’s information screen, swipe right-to-left twice to access the Racer Alerts configuration. You can also add an alert for a racer by long pressing on them in the live timing.

Apple Ipad, Iphone, Apple TV, Android, Windows phone… no restriction

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